Buy Generic Nexavar (Sorafenib)Soranib sorafenat

Active substance: Sorafenib

Brand: Nexavar

Indian Brand: Sorafenat

Manufacturer: Natco Pharma Ltd. / Cipla

Dosage: 200 mg

Type of packaging:  120 tab / 30 tab

Delivery time: 7 — 12 days.

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What is Sorafenat?

Licensing in India

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In March 2012, Bayer was forced to license production of the drug to Natco Pharma. This brought down the cost of the drug from $5,500 a month to $990 a month under provisions in the Indian Patents Act and WTO TRIPS agreement.

Sorafenib (a bi-aryl urea) is a small molecular inhibitor of several Tyrosine protein kinases (VEGFR and PDGFR) and Raf kinases (more avidly C-Raf than B-Raf).

(Protein kinases are overactive in many of the molecular pathways that cause cells to become cancerous. These pathways include Raf kinase, PDGF (platelet-derived growth factor), VEGF receptor 2 and 3 kinases and c Kit the receptor for Stem cell factor. )

Generic Sorafenib is was unique in targeting the Raf/Mek/Erk pathway (MAP Kinase pathway).

Cheap Sorafenib inhibits some intracellular serine/threonine kinases (e.g. C-Raf, wild-type B-Raf and mutant B-Raf).

Indian Sorafenib is a type of treatment called a multi-kinase inhibitor. Kinases are important proteins in the body that regulate the way cells grow and divide.

Sorafenib works by blocking (inhibiting) signals within the cancer cells that make them grow and divide. Blocking the signals causes the cells to die.

Sorafenib can also stop the cancer cells developing new blood vessels. This reduces their supply of oxygen and nutrients, so the tumour shrinks or stops growing. Drugs that interfere with blood vessel growth in this way are called angiogenesis inhibitors or anti-angiogenics.